Vauxhall Big Six BXL Limousine

Candice the Vauxhall Big Six

Candice is a favourite with our customers.

Candice is one of only three left of this model on the road in the UK, and one of only nine known worldwide.

The Big Six was Vauxhall’s replacement for the Cadet, and was considered excellent value for the day. Features included automatic chassic lubrication, pedomatic starting, vacuum controlled ignition, Synchro-Mesh gears, self-returning direction indicators and No-Draught ventilation. The coachwork was by Grosvenor Carriage Co Limited, who by this time were the in-house carriage manufacturers for Vauxhall.

Six models made up the range, from the basic 20hp saloon, through coupes and carbriolets to the 7-passenger long wheelbase 27hp limousine, of which Candice is one of the few surviving examples.

Vauxhall Big Six advert

Original advertisement for the BXL.

Our car was originally supplied by Grahams of Manchester and first registered on 1st January 1935. The first owner was Miss Gwendolen Smith of Windermere. During her ownership Miss Smith was chauffeur-driven and the car was embossed with the family crest on the rear doors.

In March 1939 the car was purchased by Mr. J. E. Hellen of Conniston, Cumbria for £100. The car was run for private hire until December 1939 when she was stored for the duration of the war.

Mr Hellen received his first ration of petrol in February 1946 and the car was back on the road, continuing as a private hire vehicle for over eighteen years until 1964, when he returned her to the same garage she had occupied during the war.

The car remained there until she was sold in November 1994 to WASS of Leeds, a Vauxhall dealer who, with the aid of information supplied by Mr Hellen, completely restored her.

Candice retains all of her original leatherwork, making for an exceptionally comfortable experience for all who travel in her. Whether as a support vehicle for bridesmaids or as a main bridal car she never fails to impress.

Technical Specifications


3.3 metres (130 in)


six-cylinder 3,178 c.c. bore and stroke of 84.14mm. by 95.25mm. 26.34 h.p.

Ignition System

Lucas coil and distributor with automatic advance and vacuum control. 12volts with a “Pedomatic’ starter, this feature meant to start the car the driver only had to depress the accelerator pedal

Cooling System

Impellor water circulation and fan


Zenith down-draught.


Petrol pump driven from camshaft. 12 gallon tank at rear.


A four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on 3rd & 4th and helical cut gears giving a “silent” third


Semi-elliptic leaf springs front & rear, 6 x 36ins x 1.75ins at the front and 9 x 54ins x 1.75ins for the rear. Lovejoy hydraulic single acting shock absorbers.


Standard Vauxhall mechanical operated drums front & rear with the handbrake operating on all four

Chassis lubrication

Luvax fully automatic system which used engine generated vacuum to supply lubricant to all shackles, steering joints and the steering box from an under-bonnet reservoir – the results were mixed, with, predictably, air leaks being a recurring issue


Marles-Weller helical system with a ratio of 12.6:1