Daimler DS420

Rebecca the Daimler DS420

Rebecca is our most popular supporting car

Rebecca often serves as a second car for the bridesmaids and the bridal party as she can seat seven comfortably, utilising the occasional seats which fold up from the middle of the car. The interior of Rebecca is light grey leather.

Popularly known as the Daimler Limousine, over 4000 cars were produced between 1968 and 1992. Jaguar bought the Daimler company in 1960, and commercially and technically, the DS420 qualifies as a Jaguar car.

The vehicles have been used by the British, Danish and Swedish royal houses. The DS420 was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, who had five models over the years.

The Queen Mother inspects one of her Daimlers at the factory

The Queen Mother inspects one of her Daimlers at the factory

Another notable DS420 owner was eccentric engineer, pilot, film director and business magnate Howard Hughes, who comissioned a bespoke seat in the dead centre of the car, to reduce stresses on his body. The billionaire aviator also fitted a toilet under the rear seat. Mr Hughes’ car was then bought by Mr Bikram Chowdury, who years later became known for Bikram Yoga.

The DS420 has been seen in various films, such as Tomorrow Never Dies, The DaVinci Code and Patriot Games.

Our DS420 is not a film star, but everyone who rides in her feels like one.

Rebecca the Daimler DS420

Technical Specifications


3.58 metres (141 inches)


5.74 metres (226 inches)


4235 cc DOHC Jaguar straight six

Kerb weight

2133 kg (4702 pounds)